Edward "Ed" Asner – Baron Theodore von Schwartzwolf

One of America’s finest, best known and most respected character actors. Ed has now made his Broadway debut in the hit play GRACE (link) at the Court Theater in New York (link) on October 4th, 2012 to rave reviews. He had the starring “voice” role in the Disney-Pixar smash hit UP, and has recently appeared twice on HAWAII 5-0. (IMDb link)

Kevin Connor – Director

One of Hollywood’s most respected and productive directors with an impressive track record of hit films and t.v. movies. Kevin directed the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure films THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT and THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT which have just been re-released as a double feature DVD. He also directed the popular MOTEL HELL, and the critically acclaimed mini-series FRANKENSTEIN for Hallmark. (IMDb link).

Alex Feldman – Gunter von Schwartzwolf

Ukrainian born actor most recently seen in THE CHERNOBYL DIARIES, Alex has an impressive filmography (IMDb link) along with producing and directing credits. He gives us a frightening glimpse of “The Mad Baron” he will become.

Morgan McClellan – Eric von Schwartzwolf

Up-coming young actor with just the right mix of strength and sensitivity to portray the complex character of Eric, the gentle scholar with a dark secret. (IMDb link)

Poke Runyon – Writer/Producer

Novelist, screenwriter, documentary film producer. He is the author of NIGHT JUMP—CUBA, and COMMANDO X from Pyramid and Jove, and a series of underwater adventure stories in ARGOSY Magazine. Poke Runyon is the creator of a series of documentary videos on the occult. He has a master’s degree in cultural anthropology from California State University. (IMDb link)

Harvey Rochman – Executive Producer

Harvey Rochman was an executive producer on LOST JUNCTION (2003) and MISCONCEPTIONS (2009). Most recently he was executive producer on the short (2012) film BOONDOGGEL with Ed Asner. Harvey is the second author on the original BARON BLACKWOLF story upon which Poke Runyon’s screenplay is based.        (IMDb link)